label begining:

    scene bg forest     y "So Thirsty, Can't walk another step."     y "And the hunger..."


    y "I can not remember the last time I had somthing to eat."     "..."

    y "Am I going to die here? Never to know love..."     y "All alone out in th-the..."


    y "Need..."     y "Rest..."


    scene bg black


    show gameover with dissolve

    y "No no no no!"     y "Hold on a minute."     y "I cannot just die there, then what about the rest of the game?"     "..."

   scene bg black with eraze
   y "Better..."
   #pouse 0.3

    scene bg room with dissolve

   "Morning light is shining through the window."
   "I feel the comfort of a soft bed underneath me, but I have no memory of how I ended up here."
   "I can only guess someone brought me here then?"

    show h normal with dissolve

    h "My, thats one nasty bump you have on your pritty little head."     y "Hmmm...?"     h "She's waking up, you feel okay sweete?"     y "Whe... Where am I?"     h "You are at the \"the Gate\", the finest inn and pub in the realm."     h "I found you in the \"black woods\". Walking about on your own, a very n00b'ish mistake I must say."     y "Noob? Wha..."


    y "...may I kindly ask, who are you?"

    $ h = "Paladin" #Shiro Honoroso

    h "That would be the owner of this establishment. People call me \"Paladin\". But you may call me darling fair lady, and you are?"     y "Ehm..."     y "I..."


    y "...I don't know. I can't remember."     h "Maybe you hur your head more then I first thought. It seems you have amnesia."

   y "Animation?"
   h "Haha, no amnesia. Memory loss in other words."

    h "Not to worry, I've meet tons of people that don't rememberd who they where, and it was not that bad actually."     h "In the hero buissnis, you wouldent belive how many loose thair memmory from time to time."     y "Can't we do something about it?"     h "No health potion in the world for that."     h "Also, It's one of the few things that is aparently thats still hardest to cure, even with magic."     y "Then, I'm stuck like this?"     h "No need to panick, or cry. The memmories should appare again in time, as long as you don't push to hard on the matter."     h "Anyway, a cutie like you should be fine. I'm sure it will ware of soon."


    y "...Thanks."     h "Well, you may not remember, but I should have something to call you."     h "What would you say about Zink?"     y "Eh..."

    menu:         "I'ts lovely":             $ y = "Zinc"             y "It's a lovely name."         "I rather be called":             $ y = renpy.input("I rather be called.") or "Zinc"             h "Sure, thats a nice name!"

    h "Well then %(y)s, It's nice to meet you."     y "It's a pleasure."

   "*Sound of stomach growling."

    h "You look like you could do with some food. Rest here in bed and I will get some for you."     y "Ah! Thank you..."     h "No need, helping people is what I do."     scene black with fade(2.0)     scene bg inn with fade(2.0)

    y "Whow! This place looks amazing."     y "And here are so many people."     h "Good morning sleepy head."     y "I feel bad for taking sutch advatedge of your hospitality."     y "And I have no way of paying you."     h "No problem at all, we advetures need to look out for each other."     y "Adventurer?"     h "I asked around sense yesterday. No one remember to have met you."     h "Buuut, from your apparence, that I found you in the forest and the fact almost enyone coming here is for one reason only."     h "This town is more or less in the middle of nowhere, and exept for the ocational traveler and salesman, only adventurers come here."     h "After all, it's the most dense spawning point in the area."     y "I almost followed you untill the end part. Spawning point?"     h "Haha, I forgot that you have no memory of this."     h "Spawning point is where the monsters come from. Or rather, where they apare. We are not exactly sure of where they come from."     h "Places like dungeons and the \"dark forest\" is like a breathing nest for criters worth experience"     y "I see..."

   h "Not following at all are you?"

    y "Well, you say that I could have been atacked by a monster, that's what made me lose my memory?"     h "Probably."     h "Well anyway, I wonder what you plan to do from now on?"     y "I have not relly tought about it."     y "But the way your talking about it, adventuring sounded kind of fun."     h "I'm happy to hear that. I wanted to ask you if you are intrested to join me and my crew."     h "We could use a little fresh blood seins our priest left us."     y "What happened?"

    h "He said he wanted to retire, unusuall for his age, but I'm not going to pry."     h "His loss and your chanse, so, what say you?"

           "Oy! We already did the early game over joke, just get on with it."

    y "That sounds cool, I would be honored to join you."     h "Teriffic! I will make it oficiall then."     h "But for the moment, you are only at level one I guess. In fact I don't even know your class yet?"     y "You lost me again..."     h "Sorry, adventurer lingo, you will lern it in a jiffy."     h "Levels is a way to measure how strong and skillfull you are. the higher level the beter."     h "Class on the other hand is somewhat like a hero profession."     h "For example a mage or cleric can heal, a rouge disarms traps and a warrior shelds his allies."     y "I see."     y "Though I don't realy know my class myself."     h "Well, you could just pick any class you want realy as you are starting of from scratch."     h "Or I could give you a personality test to see what souits you best?"     y "Let's see..."


        "The test sounds good":

            y "I like to try the test."

            h "Sure, lets start with something simple"

            $ clas.append("warrior")

        "I just pick something":



                    y "I want to be a warior"

                    $ clas.append("warrior")


                    y "I want to be a mage"

                    $ clas.append("mage")


                    y "I want to be a cleric"

                    $ clas.append("cleric")


                    y "I want to be a rouge"

                    $ clas.append("rouge")


                    y "I want to be a bard"

                    $ clas.append("bard")

        "Maybe you could pick for me?":

            h "Sure"

           h "For someone new a warrior is always simple to play."

            $ clas.append("warior")

    h "So, a %(clas)s. That always come in handy."     h "Well, thats a start. Now you just need some starting gear and your ready to start grinding."     y "Grinding?"     h "Term for doing repettetive taskts to quickly gain level."     y "Sounds tedious."     h "Don't worry, you can take your time. We still miss some of the keys for the four-man dungeons we want to visit."     y "I don't really follow..."     h "No need, just take your time."     h "First you need your starting gear, go to the second hand shop down the street and by some."     h "The owner's name is \"Stabby\". Tell her I sent you."     h "Take these with you."     "You got a nifty 100 silver!"     y "I can't take this!"     h "No problem, you can pay me back later when we have clered our first dungeon together, just see this as a investion."     y "I-I guess..."     h "Now here is an Idea!"

   h "Every adventurer worth his salt have to do some quests."
   y "Quests?"
   h "It's a kind of lofty goal that you are to atcheve in order to gain money and XP."
   y "XP?"
   h "Experience Points. It's a mesurment system that alows you to keep track on what you learn."
   h "It's just like farenhigth or centimeters or anything along thoes lines."
   y "Sounds kind of sketchy at best."
   h "You will understand in due time."
   h "Now, your first quest will be to meet with the other party members."
   y "That sounds a little easy?"
   h "We all have to start to crawl befor we walk."
   h "Aslo, you schould familiriase yourselfe with the soroundings."
   h "Here is a map of the town and a jurnal."
   y "what's with the jurnal."
   h "I belive it is wise for any good adventurer to have writen down all he is to do as well as what he has done."
   h "For example, if you had have a jurnal before, your memory problem would not have been so grate."
   h "You would just have to read your old jurnal and seen what you used to do."
   y "Can't argue with that I guess..."
   h "Precissly, and if you want to read what you have to do, you just have to press the button here on the side panel"
   #$ questlist.append("q1")
   h "You can also press the \"j\" button."
   y "Wha..."
   y "J?"
   h "Or j."
   y "..."
   "Press the J button."
   #jurnal opens (tutorial)
   "What the hell was that about?"
   h "Anyhow... The other two should be in the city."
   h "This Inn here is our \"base\"."
   h "You will be abel to live and eat here as a special benefit for being a party member."
   y "Whow! Thats really generus of you."
   h "If you want to rest and \"save\" your game you can come here..."
   y "Save my... game?"
   h "...yea."
   "He really like to say weird and made up things doesn't he?"
   h "I don't know what all that mumbo is, but it's somthing I have to tell all new adventures."
   h "decreed by the king and all, but don't ask me what it mean."
   "No, I'm sure your just doing it to confuse me."
   y "Any more things you \"need\" to tell me?"
   h "...Nope, thats all."
   y "..."
   h "But I have loots of old \"war\" stories if your intrested."
   h "I will think of some untill your back."
   h "The other two members are the blacksmith and Potion maker, you should visit their shops and introduce yourself."
   h "And don't forget to pick up your gear from the item shop."
   h "Good luck!"
   y "Thank you."
   "It is with some unease I leave the inn and head out into the village."

  • Inn
  • Item Shop
  • Bathouse
  • Castle (you are not let in)
  • Potion shop
  • Dojo
  • Smith

After visiting the allocated places there is to begin with, you are then free to explore.

game continues ==> Chapter 1