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The item shop quite the gaudy place covered in signs and posters as a add pillar. Of all the signs, the most extravagant reads "Stabby's little shop". Asuming this is the place for the one Paladin wish me to meet, I enter the shop. The door makes a unusual loud squeeking sound as I open it and multiple bells sounds.

The whole room inside is covered in things, anything from wooden spoons to metal armor. I think I even see a marbel statue in the background, looking mysteriously much like Paladin. At the counter I can see a woman who looks at me with intense eyes.

r "Well hello there darling! Can I help you?" y "Ah, my name is =Player name=, I was asked to come here by Paladin." r "Ah, your his newest little chick he has manage to snare?" y "Wha? I do not follow." r "No mather, I take it your here for something more then a meet and greet?" y "He asked me to pick up some basic equipment from you." r "Did he now? Though I never give anything away for free, sorry darling." y "Ah, I got some money though." r "Do you now? Then why did you not say so, step right up and I have a look at my wheres."


r "Well, that was splendid, now if you want to equip it, all you need to do is upen up your inventory or press I." y "I still do not know what all this pressing means that you talk about." r "Trust me darling, just roll with it."

Then when you are in your inventory, you can click on the item you wish to put on, and press equip. There, now you carry the item and is ready for battle. y "Battle?" r "Shure, that is part of any adventurers life most often. Though I guess there are exemptions." r "Now, is there anything else I can help you with?" y "No, that is all for now I guess." r "Well, see you later then darling. Bye bye."

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Quest 1: Flowers for the princess Edit

r "Flowers you say? Sure I have thoues darling, just brows my shop and I can sell you some, for a reasonable price." r "The more exclusive ones are in the back."

flowers added to the shop

Quest 2: How about a quest Edit

ore added to the store

Quest 3: Daily Copper Edit

r "Copper? Why of course I sell that, you want to pay in silver or gold?"

Metals added to the store

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