1. Operators!!!

Dice combat: -different classes has different dice: ex, warior has more swords, healer has more hart. -classes also has different skills to learn, way to combind dice for effect. -The higer the lvl, the more dice. -Armor and wepon gives stat bonus and sometimes extra locked dice or abilities from other classes (or extra speech options) - Alternativ to fighting:

-Make own RPG combat engine!

  (features to make: stats, damage calculating, equipment, status effects, talk, lvl, inventory)

-writing combat engine:

  -Words are thrown on the screen, and you have to write all the matching words in order to not take damage, when you counter you write words as well to have them be thrown at the opponent
  (Need to make a engine to randomize words that is timed and register words you write and match)

-Yan Ken POOON!

  -A stone, papper, sissor engine that has the place for abiliitys and other such things.
  (Need to make a simple three shoice engine and then a complicated equipment/item/ability system to let you influense the choises.

-Card battle?

   -Changeble card decks that lets the person chose cards for attack and defence, (advanced yan-ken-pon matches)
   (Equipeble cards that are collectable, skills? (use drag drop inventory?)

-Explain attack

   -no direct damage or randomization, only explanation of what you do and consequenses.
   (engine with multiple options based on your stats/abilities/equipmenpt)

-King of -tokio- Crosroad

   -Roll dices, select which to use and then reroll, skills gives bonuses to some results.
   (dice engine, menu to chose what dice combinations to use and AI)

-White wolf (Vampure)

   -Have three options of actions, physical, mental and social attacks.
   (Perhaps have dice for physical, yan-ken for mental and options for social?)

sensei starts dummy to attack in order to have you train agenst it, it talks and say: "Exteminate, exterminate!"

(what people want.)

-Easy to use and understand (easy to learn/hard to master) -Clear and easy to acces information!! -To much random removes the control from a player which they of course do not like -

Things NOT to do (or do well)

- Dont let you sneek to a boss that is impossible to sneek up on.

 (Have a boss that if you sneek or disguise as a guard and aprotch, he will begin a
  speach, and if you stay silent for the entire speach he will show that he was 
  only testing his speach before you arive, then turn around to let you backstab him)

- Broken economic

 (something to comment)

- Dont have people ask why a dead persson was not just resurected.

 (make lots of points in this that death is not finite.)

- You most ofthen do not die if defeated, but either put unconsious and then either

 wake up in yale or robbed and half naked in the forest. (though moster will kill)

- Dont have people sundely turn battle in cutseen just course they can

 (only if it makes for a really grate joke)

- Dont have a even guy serch for seven holy thing to doom the world and have you

 serch for the same when it would just be smarter to smash the first piece you find
 and then save the world that much easier.

- If people are to play evil, dont force them to do good things just course, make it

 apealing to a bad character.

- Dont have bandits attack people way out of their leegue, they may be stupid but not

 that much.

- You don't fight vermin with swords. (use poison like real life)

- Dont make NPC's apathic, make them react to your fame, or sertain feats or just

 simply how you are dressed. (just as well if you steal a lot of thigs or other stuf

- bikini armor

 (make a joke that with enough curate stats it can be worn. Though the armor itself
 is a joke, the god of pervertedness gives the whereer divine protection.

- Have a boss that tries to overthrow the kingdom though electing himself. making

 a crazy campain.

- Why cannot a naked escaping hero from jail just take his guards armor and wepon?

 (course he cannot win against the guard? or it will give him to easy reach of
 new wepons and armor) No, real reason is it is bound to the guard! (bond on equip)

- When you kill the evil one due to propecy saying you are to save the world. The

 boss realize you really are the one, as he belived he was, as only the chosen 
 can activate the spell that kills all unpure. As it appares, that is the only way
 to save the world!

Alternative task for classes:

-Tank for drawing agro, protecting and shelding the group (does not need to be a

warior, wizards can sheeld with magic or ilusionist that tount with ilusions.)

(Wariors, spellswords, ilusionists)

-Healer to remove or protect damage, specilizing in removing defufs and damage.

Can also be someone who steals HP.

(clerics, summoners, blodmages)

-Damage dealers, made to give large amount of damage undetected, or kill of week

enemies with one blow.

(Rouges, archers, gunmages)

-Lore keeper, clases that give little to no combat value but gives enormous

bonuses and special attacks to the party as long as cept alive. minigame to solve
in order to find and give bonuse

(can be bards that sings, or scolars that talk, rouges that look and disarm traps)

-Croud controll, classes that spezialise in taking care of large groups, helping

the group from becoming over run.

(Ice wizards, artiliry, tricksters)

-Crafters, Sometimes you are not after the loot or the monster, but the material

or acient crafting station at the bottom of the dungeon, all in order to have
your wepon smith being able to build/rebuild that acient awesome wepon/armor

(any crafting profesion, as they have little to non combat value.) seeds of chaos,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNGAVIp-3krwykcJbrZUBtdN5wnc_w&ust=1458678826938671,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNGAVIp-3krwykcJbrZUBtdN5wnc_w&ust=1458678826938671,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNGAVIp-3krwykcJbrZUBtdN5wnc_w&ust=1458678826938671,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNGAVIp-3krwykcJbrZUBtdN5wnc_w&ust=1458678826938671,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNGAVIp-3krwykcJbrZUBtdN5wnc_w&ust=1458678826938671

init pyton:

   class Item
       def __init__(self, name, shape, weight, size, owner):
  = name
           self.shape = shape
           self.weight = weight
           self.size = size
           self.owner = owner
   class Npc:
       def __init__(self, name, age, height, weight, hair, eyes, gender, blood):
  = name
           self.age = age
           self.height = height
           self.weight = weight
  = hair
           self.eyes = eyes
           self.gender = gender
           self.blood = blood
   class Inventory
       def __init__(self, strength=10)
           self.strength = strength
           self.items = []
       def take(self, item):
           if >= item.weight
               return True
               return False
       def train(self, amount):
           sekf.strength += amount
       def has_item(self, item):

label start:

   $ npc_amount = renpy.random.randint(1, 10)
   $ m = renpy.random.choice(['Pear', 'Drake', 'Plum'])
   $ b = renpy.random.choice(['Apple', 'Orange', 'Puma'])
       inventory = Inventory()
       knife = Item("knife", "sharp", 1, "small", "none")
       vase = Item("vase", "round", 4, "big", "none")
       chest = Item("chest", "squere", 11, "large", "none")
       maid = Npc("Millie", 21, 1.40, 58, "Brown", "Green", "woman", "B+")
       butler = Npc("Miles", 45, 2, 70, "Grey", "Blue", "man", "A-")

$ current_streanght = inventory.streanght "your strength is %(current_strenght)d on a stats."

"You train your strenght" $ inventory.train(1)


-"Dark lord returns!!"

You learn that in the past, your true identity was the dark overlord "Tengil" who plagued the land untill
the heroes defeated you, leading to your memory loss. They did not recognize you only as no one has seen 
you without the dark armour before. Now, back in power and having learned the heroes week sides, you can
easily surpass your old slef, and rule the land as the dark overlord you awlays where ment to be.
(unlock class: Death Night)

-"A hero of the past"

The old legendary hero, who dissapared after the battle of Najavi, saver of the world more then any one
else. After sacreficing yourself for the grater good, you where revived by the godess of love, who wished
for your happines as thanks for all that you had done. But your rebirth lead to a laps of memmory, making
you lose all memories of your past life. But now with memory restored, you are able to retake your place
in history, and bring final justice to evil once and for all. The rest of your party happy with having a
champion in their party, ass even if you are overpowerd, you don't really requier any better loot.
(unlock class: Champion)

-"Princess Bride"

As it turns out, you where an eperors doughter all along. With this you where able to annex the kingdom
and marry the fair princess, together you ruled your joined kingdoms together, and every now and again
went out to seek adventures of your own, as it appares, the princess learned to be quite efficient with
a mace, also introdusing a new character clas.
(unlock class: Princess)

-"The new master"

Your destiny was perhaps never to be the one who fight, but the one who teaches other. Though you never
regained your previous memories, you found a fine tranquility in sucseeding sensei as the teacher of
his dojo. With the things you learned together with the "team_1337" you become the most famous fighter
in the land, having student comming from far and whide to seek your guidence.
(unlock class: Monk)

-"Maid for this"

Your ancestory finaly awaken to you, your true skill is that of a master maid, able to serve anyone
and help you master/mistress no mather the task. And still you always behave propper, never falter in
your duty to pleas. Taking Neko as your aprntice as the new master maid of the palace household you
create a legend within the service comunity.
(unlock class: Maid)

-"Born to serve"

There is a possibility to date one of the castle guards
Appares he has way intricate story line
(unlock class: Guard/knight?)

-"The monster within"

You where monster born, you actually where one of the forest creatures, only to lose your essence and
your memory. But the light of the moon, the sent of the forest awoke your true self. Letting you 
return to your old self but at the same time something more.
( unlock class: Beastmaster )

djin () smith ( arcer/druid ) pala (summoner) rouge (pirate) alcim ( warlock ) Monster/Dragon (Dungeon boss that if you flirt with in batle can become a love interest)

-"True ending"

Your real identety was a lost godes, most ofthen refered to as the dungeon master.
Sadened to not be able to live amongst the creation of your father you instead made
yourself mortal, decending upon the world you became one with the folk and removed any
memories of your past self, casting of your holiness to be with the ones you love.
The poeple.
(unlock class: Godess )

Due to eastern har dem blivit ombokade till saga eastern fåt mejl om at bokningen e konfermerad

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can change, and the weaponry to make the difference."

Druids worship trees. Zen Druids worship trees that don't exist. Reformed Druids worship trees and shrubs. Reformed Zen Druids worship trees and shrubs that don't exist.

"You bust throught the door and create a diversion. They all turn and aim at you. You try to sweet talk them out of blowing your brains out, while I sneak around back, bust in, and really surprise 'em."

"I hate to be the voice of reason, but Hey..' - Eric

"Ah, would this be literal death, or figurative death?" - Eric
"That entire thought process hurts... " - Eric
"That was perhaps the worst display of listening to me I've ever seen." - Eric

Then in the same game (which is based on a friend's homebrewed system), we were tasked to rescue a faerie-dragon that had been taken captive by a mean-spirited noblewoman and locked in a dungeon. Victor (the character of mine) refused to believe this, of course, and replied. 'Oh, that's preposterous. Whoever heard of combining Dungeons with Dragons?' 

"It's always an evil cult! Why can't some *nice* people try to take over the world?"

"Be aware to gain to much points in perseption, perfect perseption is perfect awarenes, perfect awarnes leads to paranoia!"

"In Theory, there is no difference between practice and theory."

Is Axly tough? Yes. Talented? Yes. Brave? Oh, certainly. He is also erratic, irresponsible, accident-prone, and a constant threat to public safety. The trick is to keep him pointed in the right direction. " -- Niki, from Living Steel

"All right, fin! I'll be a dwarf!" "But my name is carlos" "Carlos the dwarf?"

"Greetings princess. It is I, Carlos the dwarf."

"Humans are the true demons of this world."

Reflexivly squish a spider, it drops a sword.

Gender selection in the start, gives you option to select normal clad female or scanly clad male, when you press male, a text shows. "sorry, that's not right..." "the male should not even be here."

if you look under the bed of your room, a monster will atack you. IF you are defeated you will wake up a few houers later verry hurt.

[ (left bracket)The left bracket is used to introduce interpolation of a value into the text. To include a single left bracket in your text, double it - write [[ .